Hi, I'm Matthew! (aka Menpa Matthew) 

I'm a holistic health coach that helps stressed out people, especially busy parents, lose the extra weight, get their energy back, and find their blissful spark again through Tibetan Medicine, neuroscience, and evidence based fitness science.

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My Story

I'm a certified Tibetan Medicine Practitioner (Menpa), NASM Personal Trainer, breathing coach, and Yantra Yoga Teacher. 

But regardless of all of that, like many parents, when I became a dad over 7 years ago, I lost track of my own health and wellness. My weight sky rocketed, my energy dropped, and I lost that blissful feeling that came along with being with a partner I was in love with.

It’s like the bliss that was originally inside me was now crawling around on the floor! 

One day I walked into a Banana Republic to try on a pair of pants and I was shocked at what size I had gone up to. I knew it was time to get my body and mind back into my own hands.

I brought together neuroscience based weight loss protocols with my extensive training in Tibetan Medicine nutritional science and shed 60 lbs (and kept it off!) 

During the process of losing all that weight, what surprised me most was that I started to feel SO ALIVE again! The weight loss itself became secondary. Suddenly I felt a renewed passion for life.

With my new found inspiration I dove deep into all of the most current evidence based science on nutrition and fitness. 

What I realized is that the modern diet and fitness industry has been leading us astray. In the drive for profit, we are first misled by the food industries to use food as a form of distraction and entertainment to line their pockets. Then we are lured into the latest diet and exercise routines to line their pockets! 

More often than not, at the end of the day, these industries get richer and we end up right back where we started. It's time to get your brain back!

This is why I decided to start coaching stressed out people, especially parents, to learn to lose weight and keep it off, naturally restore their vitality, and start feeling that blissful spark again, all without the struggle we are so often taught is necessary. 

We can heal our mind, energy, and body with the power of whole food and simple lifestyle changes. It really doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can and should be ENJOYABLE! 

If you’d like to lose the extra physical and mental weight, get your natural energy back, and start feeling juicy again, schedule a discovery call with me today. 

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"The Vitality Vessel weight loss plan with Menpa Matthew produced immediate and sustained results. My health was negatively affected by weighing in at 310, despite mostly eating salads. This week I was surprised to see 255.0 popping up on my inevifit scale. The structure has been very straightforward and easy to follow and the outcomes so far are remarkable. Feel free to reach out to me for details."


-Gregg Johnson, Los Angeles, CA