Hi, I'm Katya, a Certified Mindful Parenting Coach

Through one-on-one online sessions and mother circle, I create a deeply supportive space for parents to feel emotionally held, seen, and heard. I will guide you to understand your child, heal inner wounds, let go of unwanted reactive patterns, and find natural joy, ease, and clarity in parenting.

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My Story

When I became a Mom 7 years ago, I felt lonely in a foreign country, uncertain, unfulfilled, and overwhelmed. I also realized that I was carrying a lot of anger which came out in reactivity and guilt. Because I've always believed that children are our teachers, I accepted the gift of growing together. Through inner work and understanding the nervous system science, I became the calm, loving, confident Mama I wanted to be.

Now I'm bringing together my motherhood wisdom, 10 years of presence and awareness practices with Dzogchen Master Namkhai Norbu, 7 years of exploring physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental needs of children through Waldorf and Montessori philosophies, training in Mindful Schools K-12 curriculum, and Parenting Coach certification with Jai Institute for Parenting to help parents connect with themselves and their kids and find natural joy in being together.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Parenting (And Your Life)?

In one-on-one online sessions, I will guide and support you on your unique parenting journey. I will not fix you or your child (because you are not broken), but I will give you tools and strategies to feel empowered in your situation. Most importantly, we will explore why you are still struggling even after doing all the research and will heal your inner child so you stop repeating unwanted patterns and create trusting, respectful, and joyful relationships with your child.

"Katya is an amazing coach. She is like a caring, wise owl. I often felt exhausted before the sessions, but afterward, I was rested, energized, and in a good mood. Incredible transformation. Every session was filled with safety, openness, and connection."